Flying on the Piper Arrow?

Flying on the Piper Arrow?

This aircraft is currently flown by a club of shareholders/fixed tenants (6 to 8 people).

At the moment there is still room for 2 fixed tenants to fly on this aircraft.

We are looking for pilots who:

  • have at least 200 hours of flying experience;
  • handle the plane with care (as if the plane were their own);
  • fit well in the club of pilots flying on this aircraft (we must have a “click” together).


  • A well-maintained aircraft that is flown by a fixed club of pilots;
  • Great availability because there are 6 to 8 participants;
  • No minimum flying hours per day (of course based on a “fair use policy”).

The aircraft is based at Lelystad Airport.

The flight costs are as follows (amounts include VAT):

• A fixed amount per year of € 4,500.

• € 195 per flight hour (according to the tachometer).

Pilots must be checked out on this Piper Arrow by an instructor.